Member Benefits

What is the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce?

We are a local organization that looks out for business interests in Lawrence County, MS. Our goal is to help businesses join together to improve their value, visibility, and credibility. We share news, ideas, and best practices, and help businesses in Lawrence County become better connected with the markets their businesses serve and the resources they need to serve them.



What are the benefits of becoming a chamber member?

  • Credibility
    • Being a chamber of commerce member makes your business more desirable to customers. When a small business is a chamber of commerce member, consumers are 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the business in the future (The Schapiro Group, 2012).
  • Marketing
    •  Our chamber has many marketing outlets including website, social media, community events, and print advertising that we would love to help promote your local business on.
  • Advocacy
    •  The organization along with it members work to act as a voice for the common interests of members.
  • Networking
    • When you become a member of the chamber of commerce, you will have priority over non-chamber members on being involved in county events and have the opportunity to meet other members at chamber events.


Four tips to get the most out of your Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce investment:

1.) Attend Chamber Events

This one is an obvious benefit of being a member, but goes overlooked sometimes. We understand you cannot come or participate in all chamber events we host through out the year, but it never hurts to make it to as many as you schedule allows. Participating in the event or being part of the planning committee is a great way to get your name out there and to connect with other business professional around the county.

2.) Interact with us on Social Media

Want to get the word out there for others to see? Tag us in your post! The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce has active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Follow us with your business page and tag us in some of your post. We love to help promote our businesses and love to get people involved on our accounts. It is a Win-Win!

3.) Share your businesses news

We are ALWAYS looking to brag about our members! Did your business just win an award? Recently finish a re-model? Staff volunteer in the community? If you are proud of it, we want to know about it! We have some amazing members and want to celebrate in those accomplishments with by adding them to our website, posting about them, and sending out the news in our monthly news letter!

4.) Reach Out

Is there an area of your business that could really use some help? Maybe you’re looking for some creative marketing ideas or want to form partnerships with other business professionals in town. Whatever it may be, always be sure to reach out to us here at the Chamber to see if we can help make some connections. If we don’t have immediate answers, just give us some time to think on things and point you in the right direction.